My favourite hashtag: #cutehouseinAmsterdam

My favourite hashtag: Eliane Roest In a new series guest blogs, we will ask Instagrammers to share the story behind their favourite hashtag. To kick this serie of, I’m sharing of course my favourite hashtag. After all, what’s not to love about a #cutehouseinAmsterdam. What […]

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Green Hotspots in Amsterdam

The plants are taking over Instagram lately and behave as true rockstars. The Pilea is a great example. About time to share some green hotspots in Amsterdam. After all, it is an urban jungle out there. If you’re into plants, make sure to pass by these […]

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Sweet Bob | Amsterdam

I heard it from the Brazilians first. “There are brigadeiros on Brouwersgracht!” Before last week I had no clue what a brigadeiro was. But when I heard that chocolate might be involved, I had to go and see what the Brazilian buzz was all about. Sweet Bob […]

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