A perfect getaway in Twente with Food Bandits


My name is Suus and together with my husband Johann and our dachshund Moos, we have created Food Bandits. We began this blog about five years ago, and although we started out with sugary sweet doughnuts and fudge, our recipes are now primarily allergy-free. This means that they are, whenever possible, gluten, lactose and sugar-free, as well as vegan, so that everyone can enjoy as much cake as they want, no matter what allergy or food intolerance you may have.


Perfect getaway in Twente

But aside from baking and a mean Instagram addiction, we also adore what I call “granny trips”. There is nothing I enjoy more than staying at a peaceful and quiet holiday home in the middle of the woods where you can be all by yourself and simply relax for a while.


Wildspieker accommodation in Twente

The days around Whitsunday, we had a wonderful few days in “Wildspieker” in Twente. At the German border, the meadows with their old oak trees and pine forests very beautifully in the sloping green landscape. And I would love to take you to this gorgeous piece of nature in The Netherlands and Germany for a moment.


Nature Reserve Springendal

The “Wildespieker” is part of the “Buitenleven” holidays. Their holiday homes lay scattered across The Netherlands in unique places. The holidays home are, for example, old homes of forest rangers – oh! to live in the middle of a forest as a forest ranger… that would be the dream! Or they are old observatories to spot wild animals, as was our place near Ootmarsum. These kinds of holidays are a little more expensive, but the holiday homes always have everything you could ask for, and with only one exception, they always offer that unique peace and total silence that we at Food Bandits long for.

Walking around Springendal


Nature reserve Springendal itself also alternates between forests, meadows, and moorland. It’s the perfect place to cycle through or to go for a walk – I told you it was a granny holiday. And before you know it, you’re suddenly in Germany, enjoying a nice cold German beer.


The Droste Lodges, a great accommodation that is perfectly suitable for Instagram, is also located here.


Day trip to Bad Bentheim

Bad Bentheim is a small village built around the 1000-year-old castle of Bad Bentheim. It has narrow streets and tiny houses made of sandstone. The surroundings are also gorgeous to drive through after you’ve enjoyed a delicious – but not so allergy-free – slice of cake at the local German confectionary.

Bentheim Castle #badbentheimcastle #badbentheim

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Other places to visit that are nearby are: Munster, a warm and welcoming university city, or, if you also like senior coolness, visit the gardens; or Enschede, where you can find many salad bars and great food festivals.


This historical town is simply lovely to walk through. Other highlights include the outdoor museum and the observatory.

The County of Bad Bentheim:

And finally, if you still haven’t had enough of walking, it is truly worthwhile to cross the border into the direction of Nordheim, situated in the county of Bad Bentheim. Here there are many more beautiful forests to walk through and find some peace.


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