My favourite hashtag: #cutehouseinAmsterdam


My favourite hashtag: Eliane Roest

In a new series guest blogs, we will ask Instagrammers to share the story behind their favourite hashtag. To kick this serie of, I’m sharing of course my favourite hashtag. After all, what’s not to love about a #cutehouseinAmsterdam.

What is a #cutehouseinAmsterdam?

You could wonder, what makes a cute house in Amsterdam? But there are no written rules! They often include stairs, plants or a bike parked in front of it. As long as it looks massively cute, but then again, a lot of the Amsterdam houses do.

These are my favourite cute houses in Amsterdam;

@ninisAmsterdam: Anne recently moved to Barcelona, but on this account she shares tips in Amsterdam. And what’s not to love about this house. It truly makes you wonder, who lives inside!

@awesomeAmsterdam: Discovering the secrets from Amsterdam, she shares some awesome photos of Amsterdam. And this must be my favourite in that feed! A red house, plants and a pretty bunch to enjoy it all.

@nomadwoman: Look at that door, isn’t that perfect and on top of that the perfect blossom to go with it.

@currystrumpet: This pictures just has it all. Pretty reflections, a bike filles with plants and a very classic door.

@steffi_daydreamer I love it when people from abroad discover the #, just like Steffi did when se came over to explore Amsterdam a bit. Blue bike versus orange curtains, match made in cute house heaven.

So I found some pretty houses when I was in Amsterdam ?. #gramthedam #cutehouseinamsterdam #wanderlustmonday?

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@brandnewcravings: Sharmin shares some cute overload about Amsterdam, and I’m more then happy that she includes all them cute house too.

@eda.isiri: Can’t go wrong with a cute houseboat in Amsterdam!

@bydragica It happens every now and then that we all find the same #cutehouseinAmsterdam, but I love her version a bit more then mine 🙂

Matchy-matchy ? • Hope you're having a great weekend guys! ???

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@vzaytseva: This selection needs to include a #cutehouseinAmsterdam by night. As we always here from the foreign people that it’s so unique that you can peek inside these houses by night.

@eliza.hoang. The details of some of these houses are just too good to be true.

Ещё немножко Амстердама. Что я люблю в голландских домах – это отсутствие необходимости запирать дверь на ключ, т.к. дверные ручки все равно не поворачиваются – дверь захлопнулась и без ключа уже не попадёшь. И ещё огромные окна во всю стену – здесь точно знают, что нужно делать, чтобы дома было светло. Что не люблю – отсутствие адекватного отопления – стандартные +18 дома меня никогда не радовали. А так, там классно, конечно, мягкая вода с кальцием, которую можно пить из под крана, все близко, удобно и очень спокойно. What I love about Holland is doors that you don't need to lock, cos there is no way you ever gonna enter the house, if you forgot the keys. I love the windows full of light and the way people don't close their curtains, cos it's ok, why not. What i don't like (besides the killer stairs, of course) is feeling cold at home. In Russia central heating works all the time, it's always +21 and it's honestly not that lovely when I you have to go around the house wrapped into a blanket. #travel#doors#door#cutehouse#cutehouseinamsterdam#bikes#amsterdam#holland#architecture#city#город#амстердам#путешествие#велосипеды#европа#архитектура#окна#туризм#iamsterdam#latergram#likeforlike

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If you’re in Amsterdam and spot a cute house, feel free to share it with me by adding #cutehouseinAmsterdam.


















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