Best Amsterdam souvenirs: the ultimate list!

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So you’ve had a great time in Amsterdam and want to bring home a souvenir to remind you of your visit. Or maybe you want more than just canal-side selfies so you can make the ultimate #humblebrag when you get back to reality. But who needs another tacky windmill fridge magnet or made in China wooden shoe keychain? As Amsterdam locals with an eye for design, we’ve got the ultimate list of cool, non-touristy Amsterdam souvenirs for you.

NOTE: We’re always finding new favorite Amsterthings, so be sure to check back frequently for updates to the list! Last updated June 2019!

Beautiful collaboration between Rituals & Rijksmuseum.

Wanna bring home the smell fo Amsterdam? Rituals presents the Amsterdam Collection in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. Already in the 17th century Amsterdam a lively city with international ties that reached all corners of the world. It was for the first time that Asian luxury goods influenced Amsterdam in a colorful way; fragrant spices, exotic flowers, porcelain and luxury fabrics created a lot of sensation. Rituals was inspired by this period, and by an iconic Delft blue vase from the Rijksmuseum. This results is an exclusive collection with products that ensure ultimate relaxation. Immerse yourself in a sensual fragrance experience of one bouquet of flowers, which consists of an arrangement of tulips; a combination of the spicy accent of black pepper and the warm accent of sandalwood. The scent of Japanese yuzu sparkles in the top note. Available at Schiphol (Rituals Store) and Rijksmuseum.


Foto via Rituals

Dutch design souvenirs from Amsterdam

  • On the Haarlemmerdijk close to Central Station, &Klevering and Store Without A Home are two of our favorite places to pick up last-minute, unique Dutch designed homeware and jewelry.
  • Amsterdam is synonymous with rain, so you can bet the rain gear here is top notch. Rains Couture keeps Amsterdammers dry and chic on those endless rainy bike rides.
  • When it’s actually sunny, though, we put on our Dick Moby shades. Designed in Amsterdam and made from recycled plastic, gotta love that.

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  • Wishing you could wake up in Amsterdam? Waking up wrapped in Snurk bedding is the next best thing.
  • Have you heard from Brant & Levie, best saucages in Amsterdam. They also make soap and they smell delicious!
  • And what about bringing home the smell of Amsterdam. We love the Marie Stella Maris brand from Amsterdam. Delicious soaps and scents. This scented candle is called Objets d”Amsterdam and it smells sooooo good!


Kid-proof souvenirs from Amsterdam

  • Playmobil figures of The Nights’ Watch and The Milkmaid are available at most museum bookstores, such as at the Stedelijk, Van Gogh, and Rijksmuseum.
  • Cuddle up with a knitted Vincent van Gogh and let him inspire you in your dreams. You can find this doll at the Van Gogh Museum!

  • Book: Charlotte Dematon’s Nederland is a “Where’s Waldo” of the whole Netherlands, full of colorful, detailed pages without words—so it’s perfect for kids who speak any language.
  • Book: De Muizenhuis (The Mouse House) is a whimsical creation with its very own bookstore and workshop in the Jordaan.
  • Book: Dutch classics like Nijntje (Miffy in English) and Jip and Janneke are timeless favorites.

Sweet souvenirs from Amsterdam

  • Stroopwafels are the national treat, despite what Dutch people say about drop and herring. You can pick these up from any supermarket.
  • Tony Chocolonely is the only homegrown Amsterdam chocolate bar. Get the biggest selection, including limited edition seasonal flavors, at their flagship store in the Westerpark, but you can get them at any supermarket.
  • Van Stapele cookies, the best cookie in town! You’ll need to transport them flat since they are so incredibly soft out of the oven, but they have a pretty gold and turquoise reusable tin that makes a perfect gift box.

Drinks from Amsterdam

  • Damrak Gin
  • Our Amsterdam vodka
  • Not a drink, but Gin Mayo by the guys at Mossel en Gin—because fries should only ever be dipped in mayo. With gin in it! You can find some of our favourite gin brands here.

  • Flavored genever at House of Bols or from a Proeflokaal. Deepa’s favorite is Kaneel (Cinnamon) from Wynand Fockink.
  • Coffee beans from our favorite local roasters: Bocca Coffee, White Label Coffee

Looking for the best specialty coffee spots in Amsterdam? We collected them in one big list!

Are your favorite Amsterdam souvenirs not listed here? Let us know what you love to take home from our city, and we’ll add it to the list!

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