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Hotel review: work and stay at Boat&Co Amsterdam

It’s undeniable: the Coronavirus has changed work, travel, and life as we know it. We have to work from home as our professions allow; schools are closed; we’re all crammed into our cozy little apartments together… and we’re going slightly nuts. In tiny Amsterdam, space, […]


3 Nieuwe hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam heeft een enorme verzameling aan mooie hotels, ik verzamelde er al een flinke lijst op dit Pinterest bord. En ondanks dat, opende en openen 3 nieuwe hotels in Amsterdam hun deuren deze maand. Ieder met een uniek concept, leest u mee? Yotel – Amsterdam […]

ZOBER tegen de kater

ZOBER; een wondermiddel tegen de kater?

Of we nou willen of niet, ouder worden we allemaal. We nemen het ervan, vieren het leven iedere dag en daar komt regelmatig een gezellig glaasje bij kijken. Vroeger deed mij dat niets, maar lately heb ik daar wat vaker last van, en braaf een […]


10 x the best views in Amsterdam by @Dutchie

Hello! @Dutchie here! Today i’m taking you along for ten of the best and most photo worthy views in Amsterdam. Are they the most cosy places filled with locals and totally off the beaten path? No, not really. But there is a reason everyone wants […]

These are the best museums in The Netherlands

We are so lucky with the variety of museums in The Netherlands. So if you’re planning a trip, you’ve got a lot of choise. Here’s a list of THE BEST MUSEUM IN THE NETHERLANDS.  I’m a hughe fan of spending some spare time in museums, […]


These are the best green and Instagrammable hotspots in Amsterdam

The plants are taking over Instagram lately and behave as true rockstars. The Pilea is a great example. About time to share some green hotspots in Amsterdam. After all, it is an urban jungle out there. If you’re into plants, make sure to pass by these […]


10 Instagram mama’s below 10K to follow (March 2019)

I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram mama’s. Even have a bit of an allergy to lots of babyspam. But on the other hand, some mama’s on Instagram surprise me day in day out. I get the best inspiration out of them and […]


These are the most fun and kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam

Not every kids enjoys sitting long hours at the table while the parents enjoy their meal, wine and a good conversation. On the other hand, not every parent wants to go to Mc Donalds for a dinnerdate with the whole family. Not to worry. We […]


These are the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam

(Updated September 2019) Have you ever wondered where that one Instagrammer made that beautiful picture? Today I will take you on a tour of Amsterdam and tell you where you can find the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam at the moment! WONDR Experience Only here […]