Best Amsterdam souvenirs: the ultimate list!

So you’ve had a great time in Amsterdam and want to bring home a souvenir to remind you of your visit. Or maybe you want more than just canal-side selfies so you can make the ultimate #humblebrag when you get back to reality. But who […]


Specialty coffee in Amsterdam, the best places to get your fix

(UPDATED NOVEMBER 2019!) Amsterdam has a huge active specialty coffee scene. So where should you need to go for your specialty coffee? Of course, coffee is personal and we’ll let you be the judge of what’s best in your opinion. But these places are, in […]


10 Perfect (Instagram-proof) hotspots in Rotterdam

After following my heart from Australia to Holland in 2013, I set up home in one of the prettiest parts of Rotterdam with my Dutchman and adopted pup, Ringo. Last update: June 2019! 10 Perfect hotspots for spending the day in Rotterdam. I’m a baker, […]

Hotel review: work and stay at Boat&Co Amsterdam

It’s undeniable: the Coronavirus has changed work, travel, and life as we know it. We have to work from home as our professions allow; schools are closed; we’re all crammed into our cozy little apartments together… and we’re going slightly nuts. In tiny Amsterdam, space, […]


Where do you go for a good coffee in Bucharest?

Well, hello there! My name is Oana and most of my biz includes specialty coffee. If I lost you after this term, excuse my smugness but go research a bit and then come back. I promise you it’s not gonna be wasted time if you […]

3 Instagrammable spots in Germany’s Black Forest

Maybe you remember Germany’s Black Forest as the mysterious and magical setting for your favorite childhood fairy tales. Or if you’re a parent just like us, maybe you’re reliving those bedtime stories with your own kids. But did you know that you can explore the […]

Review: Bardak brings Tel Aviv street food to Amsterdam

As a warm-blooded creature in the Netherlands, the end of summer just kills me. By the time gloomy, gray October hits, I’m already dying for sun, heat, color, juiciness, sweat—things that keep me alive through the winter. Luckily, you and I can escape to the […]


L’Epicerie du Pape; charming chambre d’hôtes in Haute Normandy

In the beautiful region of the Haute Normandy you’ll find a charming chambre d’hôtes in a beautiful house. About one hour of the amazing cliffs in a little town Vascoeuil. The chambre d’hôtes of your dreams, stylish decorated rooms and an amazing French breakfast. Relax […]

4 places to enjoy tropical flavors in Amsterdam this Summer

Stuck in the city for the summer? We got you covered! Instagrambloggers tried and tested five awesome places where you can enjoy tropical flavors and island vibes, all without leaving Amsterdam. This summer, escaping to a sunnier state of mind is as easy as hopping on […]


Best places for coffee in Brussels

Where do you drink the best specialty coffee in Brussels? Instagrambloggers shows you the way to the best coffee spots in Brussels. Tried and tested by your favourite Instagram bloggers. Fika | Vredestraat 17 View this post on Instagram What is your favourite thing while […]

Karlsruhe Art and Culture Citytrip ZKM Museum

5 reasons for a city trip to Karlsruhe

You might have seen it on the map en route to cities like Stuttgart, Strasbourg or even Zurich. You might have even made a quick stopover there on a long drive. But what do you really know about the city of Karlsruhe? 5 reasons for […]


10 x the best views in Amsterdam by @Dutchie

Hello! @Dutchie here! Today i’m taking you along for ten of the best and most photo worthy views in Amsterdam. Are they the most cosy places filled with locals and totally off the beaten path? No, not really. But there is a reason everyone wants […]

These are the best museums in The Netherlands

We are so lucky with the variety of museums in The Netherlands. So if you’re planning a trip, you’ve got a lot of choise. Here’s a list of THE BEST MUSEUM IN THE NETHERLANDS.  I’m a hughe fan of spending some spare time in museums, […]


The best coffee spots in Gent

No city trip without stopping at the finest coffee shops in town. These are the nicest coffee spots in Ghent. In addition to my own favorites, I have been advised by @rufus_airlines (the photo above this blog is his) and a number of locals. Enjoy! […]


These are the best green and Instagrammable hotspots in Amsterdam

The plants are taking over Instagram lately and behave as true rockstars. The Pilea is a great example. About time to share some green hotspots in Amsterdam. After all, it is an urban jungle out there. If you’re into plants, make sure to pass by these […]


10 Instagram mama’s below 10K to follow (March 2019)

I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram mama’s. Even have a bit of an allergy to lots of babyspam. But on the other hand, some mama’s on Instagram surprise me day in day out. I get the best inspiration out of them and […]

Recently opened in Amsterdam

New restaurants open their doors every day in Amsterdam. In this post we keep you updated about the latest places to eat and drink in our beloved Amsterdam. If something looks nice but we haven’t been there yet, we’ll also put it on the list—hey, maybe […]


These are the most fun and kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam

Not every kids enjoys sitting long hours at the table while the parents enjoy their meal, wine and a good conversation. On the other hand, not every parent wants to go to Mc Donalds for a dinnerdate with the whole family. Not to worry. We […]


These are the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam

(Updated September 2019) Have you ever wondered where that one Instagrammer made that beautiful picture? Today I will take you on a tour of Amsterdam and tell you where you can find the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam at the moment! WONDR Experience Only here […]


Tiny house in Gorssel

Spent your holidays in a tiny house in The Netherlands Hi, Suus from Food Bandits here! Over the years we have stayed at some of the prettiest and quietest places in The Netherlands, and this year we spent the holidays at a tiny house in Gorssel, a small town between Zutphen and Deventer. Surrounded […]