GUEST BLOG: The 10 most Instagram worthy buildings in Amsterdam

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We asked Instagrammer Andreas Lambrinos to share some of the most Instagram worthy buildings in Amsterdam.

Guest Blog by Andreas Lambrinos @architect_in_amsterdam

As an architect I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration, and the city of Amsterdam is the perfect playground. I find contemporary architecture as well as old architecture equally intriguing and what a better way to study these buildings then exploring them through the lens of a camera. Through the pictures I take I try to frame buildings in a way that objectifies them, emphasising a building’s essential idea. I am particularly focused on making abstract and minimal pictures, a theme which I also pursue when designing houses, interiors and public buildings. The result so far has been a collection of building fragments, each picture with their own kind of story.

Instagram is a great platform to explore your creativity and pushes you to experiment. Offline Instagram meet-ups are perhaps the most fun part, a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and explore buildings and parts of the city you would otherwise not have access to. 

Eye Film Museum designed by Delugan Meissl architects


This building with its powerful presence on the river Ij reflects light dramatically and is ever changing under the Dutch skies. The geometric pattern of the white aluminium cladding is so abstract that the juxtaposition of people in front makes for a surreal shot!

Houses on the Damrak


Across of Central station is perhaps the most popular spot in the city. The houses on the water here are so authentic and are typical Amsterdam.

Workshops designed by Group A architects


On Steigereiland lies an industrial building with a striking cut in the building mass. The Corten steel cladding with its redish brown patina emphasises the monolithic quality of the building that never fails to impress me every time I pass by.

Ravel residence designed by Oeverzaaijer architects 


The facade to this student’s residence has a mesmerizing abstract quality, making it a landmark in the Zuidas area. On a closer look you will notice that the circular openings are different depending on their orientation. Some appear as a deep hole and others are flush with glass and reflect the surroundings. There are so many possibilities for a great shot.

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein HQ designed by MVSA architects


In the newly developed Houthavens, the last building on the waters edge is an impressive, sleek and angular natured building. The sharp edged white aluminium cladding wraps around the building and its cantilevered roof make it a real icon on the water.

Houses of IJburg and Steigereiland


This particular house is on Ijburg island and designed by Hans Oudendorp. The houses here are contemporary, each one of different size and of different materials. There is a wonderful chaos with the strong urban plan keeping the coherence. Get your camera out and explore the area.

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Summertime residences designed by SeARCH


In the Amsterdam Zuid area there are two residential buildings made up of a pile of randomly stacked blocks. This complex draws similarities to Montreal’s Habitat ’67. The multi coloured glass balustrades give the environment a real happy vibe. No wander they chose the name Summertime. During open architecture days ‘de dag van de bouw’  you can visit the interior’s jaw dropping 10 storey high void.  This is an unbelievable space.

RAI car park designed by Benthem Crouwel architects 


The two symmetrical helix shaped towers are a surprising feature for this carpark. The concrete cantilevering floors are so slender and look as if they are floating. They lend the structure an elegant and highly refined appearance.

Nescio bridge designed by Wilkinson Eyre architects and ARUP


This 165-metre long cycle and footbridge effortlessly spans the Amsterdam Rhine Canal. The traffic of pedestrians and cyclists split causing the bridge to peel away. This is truly a dramatic and elegant bridge.

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Block 46c designed by Korth Tielens architects


On IJburg island next to the IJburg college is Block 46c. This residential complex with its slightly curved facade has a beautifully designed steel balustrade which resembles the windy nature of the island. A detailed shot of the balustrade reveals an impressive shadowplay.

The 10 most Instagram worthy buildings in Amsterdam.

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