Tiny house in Gorssel

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Spent your holidays in a tiny house in The Netherlands

Hi, Suus from Food Bandits here! Over the years we have stayed at some of the prettiest and quietest places in The Netherlands, and this year we spent the holidays at a tiny house in Gorssel, a small town between Zutphen and Deventer. Surrounded by farmland, there is a tiny little house in a tiny little national park, next to only one other tiny little house. 


What to do in the region?

The first few days, we mainly went for long walks and explored the surroundings, but we also visited, amongst other things, a national park the Sallandse Heuvelrug, which is also where you can find the Holterberg (one of the few real hills in The Netherlands). You can drive through the park with a car, which is about a 10-kilometre drive through woodland and moorland, but there are also plenty of footpaths and bike lanes going through. In Nijverdal, you can find a visitor’s center with its very own observatory, that you can visit every Friday evening. On the other side of the park, there is the small village of Holten, where you can find a pancake house, as well as the starting point of many different walking routes. 


Visit the More Museum

In Gorssel, we visited the MORE museum. This is the biggest museum for Modern Realism in The Netherlands, and features work of Willink and Toorop amongst others. If you want to see even more, you can also visit their second location in Ruurlo, about half an hour from our tiny house in Gorssel. 

More Museum in Gorssel

Instagram blogger Eliane spend a weekend in the sustainable houses of Landal in the same region. Read all about it here.

Zutphen, just one of the pretty Hanzesteden

Aside from that, we also went to Zutphen for a day. Not that long ago, Eliane shared on her Instagram how gorgeous the city of Deventer is, but Zutphen really isn’t bad either. We had a cup of coffee in an old bread factory, where they also had some good lunches. Next, to it, there was a biotoko where we got a delicious vegan (yes, you read that correctly, vegan ánd gluten free) Indonesian rice table for take away. I can tell you that my inner 70-year-old hippy was very happy with the amount of choice this Indonesian shop had to offer, but you can also find your classic rendang there. 

Bio toko en Bio Brood café-zutphen

According to my dad, you also have to go out for dinner or lunch at Vaticano, an Italian restaurant in the centre of Zutphen, which also has outdoor seating for in the warm summer months. 


Lastly, we also had a slice of raw, vegan cake at Safa. This little café is momentarily being renovated, but you can still get take away there. 


Other fun activities nearby:

  • Gelderland is famous for its gorgeous manors and country estates. The village of Warnsveld is definitely worth visiting if you like this kind of stuff. 
  • We have been to this area before, so if you want even more tips for fun things to do there, you can read them here.
Safa raw vegan gebak-zutphen

We booked our stay at tiny house in Gorssel “Nieuw Sennke” through Buitenleven Vakantie. Sadly enough we are not sponsored by them (yet).  😉


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