5 Tips for a citytrip to Berlin with kids.


Nothing more fun than exploring a city with your kids. The city just looks completely different through the eyes of your kids. And if you’re willing to adjust your own speed and look with them, you might discover a whole new city. Are you going on a city trip towards Berlin with your kids? Here are some great tips, adventures guaranteed.

Public Transport

No need for tired feet in Berlin. In Berlin, the public transport for kids is free of charge. We got ourselves on the airport a Berlin Welcome Card. These cards are available in different periods, from 2 to 5 days or longer if needed. Not only can you use them for public transport, but they also give you lots of discounts on many attractions like musea. Good to know, there’s a small office of Visit Berlin at the airport, so don’t forget to pick up your vouchers. This made it very easy for us to just hop on and hop off on subways, trams, busses, and even the train, without buying or stamping new tickets every time.


Baum und zeit

It doesn’t matter how long you’re planning on staying in Berlin, it’s always too short. The city is just too big to cover in just a few days. If you can accept that fact, it’s just a matter to pick some highlights. Going out of town, might not be your first choice, but while looking at this view, you might change your mind? With the train from Alexander Platz, this forest is a 40-minute train ride away.


Naturkunde Museum

There’s one museum I’m willing to visiti in about every city and that’s the Natural History Museum. We’ve seen great ones in London and New York, but Berlin is just as good. The old building itself is worth the visit. During holidays it can get quit busy, or did everybody wanted to meet up with this new dino in town called Tristan? city-trip-berlijn-met-kindereren-naturkundemuseumcity-trip-berlijn-met-kindereren-naturkundemuseum city-trip-berlijn-met-kindereren-naturkundemuseum

Light festival

The day of our arrival in Berlin was  the last day of the Light Festival. Might sound a bit corny, but we were actually impressed with the size of projections on several buildings. It was terribly busy, but we were very excited to have seen at least a few of the light projections. The festival takes place every year in the month of October.


Computerspiele Museum

Did you own a commodore 64 and did the whole family played Pong during the weekends? If this rings your bell, you should really check out the Computer Spiele Museum. A museum filled with the most famous computer games. The best part is you get to play some of the games in rooms decorated in retro style, including desks full of stickers.



Besided all these paid activities theres another great thing about Berlin. On almost every corner in every street you will find a playground in Berlin. This makes browsing the streets or a day full of shopping more fun for the kids. Get yourself a coffee to go to keep you warm and let them play for a little while. We don’t know of any city with this much playgrounds.


The end conclusion must be, travelling to Berlin with kids is so much fun.



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