TRAVEL | Hamburg | 13 of the best Instagrammers from Hamburg to follow


This blog makes it official. I’m planning my first city trip of 2017 to Hamburg. No better way to discover a city through the eyes of their locals. And on top of that, Instagram makes it rather easy for you to do just that. Look for places on Instagram, type in “Hamburg” and you’ll discover all the photos posted on that tag. Easy does it. But unless you want to spend your time browsing through thousands of photos, I selected a few of the finest Instagrammers Hamburg has to offer in this easy list.

NOTE: The cover photo of this blog is by Fräuline Anker

@_rikerike | Rike

Rike is all about lifestyle. The cosiest corners of Hamburg and other cities she travels too. We share a passion for coffee, if you do too, make sure to check out her guest blog about Hamburg’s best coffee spots.



I never realized how versatile Hamburg is until I discovered this Instagram account. It features any aspect of Hamburg and therefore a good account to prepare your visit to Hamburg with, as I did. 


@gert_pauly | Anika Meier

The style of Anika is very diverse and can’t hardly be described. The overall look is always peaceful and dreamy if you ask me. A unique view of Hamburg, but also other places she goes.


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@fraeulein_anker | Harriet

A list of Instagrammers from a certain city is not complete unless you have at least one foodie included. How else can you discover where to eat? I had the privilege to meet up with Harriet when she was on one of her city trips to Amsterdam. Looking forward to meet up with her again when I’m going to Hamburg.


@bosch | André Krüger

It’s hard to explain the style that André has. I love the way he sees things, his framing is amazing and something I really admire. His photos may look easy but surely are not.


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@triggeraround | XIN


@igersHamburg | Instagramers Hamburg

Never miss an account what’s all about the online community. Make sure if there’s an IGers account for a city, to check them out or at least send them a message about the best tips. Also, the best place to find out about any potential instameets going on. 


@kieselle | Kerstin

She started the unique #mypastelpassion and as you browse to her feed you can see she has a thing with facades. Her photos make me want to stroll along the streets of Hamburg as soon as possible.


@hansegang | Hamburg

A so-called hub account with pictures by ???? / @aguynamedriadh @eskimo @themodernleper @tomtehh


@themodernleper |Thomas

Thomas is the kind of Instagrammer that can add warmth to a photo even on a Winter day. I simply adore the colors in his feed. 


Feel free to share your favorite Instagrammers from Hamburg below. Want to see a blog with Instagrammers from a city or country you’re about to visit? Feel free to ask below and we’ll start a hunt for the best Instagrammer especially for you!

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Posted by is het online platform achter het Instagram-account van @elianeroest. Eliane woont in Amsterdam met haar vriend Daan en dochter Brune van 9. Ze is altijd op zoek naar de meest Instagrammable plekken in Europa. Ze deelt haar verhaal op, waar ze ook een team van enthousiaste gastbloggers leidt.