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What do you think, when you hear the name Chrome Cottage? We didn’t think about a hotel immediately, but it is. And if you’re picturing yourself a cute little cottage, guess again. The Chrome Cottage is the name of the brand new design hotel in Friedrichshain in Berlin that only opened its doors last week. Lucky us, we got to spend the night in this new hotspot during our city trip to Berlin.


We slept in one of the beautiful suites at the front of the hotel. From the room, you have a lovely view over the busy part of Friedrichshain with lots of restaurants and bars. Good to know that you can hardly hear any of the rumours in the room. travel-citytrip-berlin-instagrambloggers-chrome-cottage-balcony-viewdsc_6407

The suite is truly gorgeous decorated in a somewhat moody vibe what makes you feel right at home. Pretty curtains, lots of pillows on the couches and design books everywhere. In the living room a large table with 4 chairs, so you can even host a mini-meet.

The interior is a funny mix of vintage, industrial and modern but together they take care of a very nice atmosphere in the room.

Besides the spacious living room, there’s also a large bedroom. A large cabinet for all your clothes and another couch, which was rebuild to create a very large bed for our daughter who was travelling with us.

travel-citytrip-berlin-instagrambloggers-chrome-cottage-livingroom-suite travel-citytrip-berlin-instagrambloggers-chrome-cottage-livingroom-suite

In the bedroom, you can find a large television and the hotel offers free wifi throughout the whole building.

travel-citytrip-berlin-instagrambloggers-chrome-cottage-balcony-view-eliane  travel-citytrip-berlin-instagrambloggers-chrome-cottage-balcony-eliane

Everything in the Chrome Cottage breathes design and looks great. We do have some tiny little comments. The cabinet didn’t have clothes hangers yet and the light above the bathroom mirror didn’t work. In a very dark bathroom, that was a bit unpractical. But they promised us to take care of it. This, by the way, didn’t have any influence on our very comfortable stay at the Chrome Cottage. We could recommend it to anyone. If you’re in Berlin for business, romantic city trip or a family getaway, this is your home away from home.

NOTE: Good to know the Chrome Cottage doesn’t serve any breakfast. Obviously, no problem, since you’re staying in Friedrichshain where they sell more coffee and breakfast then anywhere else in the world. Looking for some tips? Read all about it over here.

Going out for dinner is rather easy since the downstairs neighbours offer some great burgers. It may come as no surprise that these are the same people as the hotel. Curious about the | raw? Check our review over here.


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NOTE: We got invited to spend the night at the Chrome Cottage, this is of no infuence on our personal opinion.
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