Where to stay / sleep in Lisbon?

Casa do Mercado Lisboa - where to stay Lisbon - city trip Liisbon

Planning a citytrip to Lisbon? I’m jealous already, since my visit, my favourite city number 1 in Europe. But with every citytrip you’re planning the biggest challenge is always: Where to stay or sleep in Lisbon? Will you book a hotel or bed & breakfast?I have three amazing suggestions for you to lay your head after a long day of exploring this wonderful city.

Casa do Mercado

In the middle of the Bairro Alto and situated along the Rua da Boavista you can find the cute and small Casa do Mercado. Besides a beautiful B&B you can also go there for an organic burger. I was lucky enough to get to stay in the “Chocolate room”, you can only imagine how delicious my dreams were. The next morning I got some delicious breakfast including eggs, fresh fruit and good coffee. A perfect area to stay, since it is closely situated to the shops, the Time Out Food Market and on walking distance to Alfalma.

Casa do Mercado Lisboa - where to stay Lisbon - city trip Lisbon-breakfastlisbon-citytrip-casa-mercado-room-bed-breakfast-room

The House

The House is called the house with a reason. When arriving it truly feels like arriving at someones house. The house has been owned for many years by the grandfather of Francesco who is now in charge of daily business. As a boy he spend lot of Sundays in this house. From the outside it might not look this big, but inside there are a lot of rooms. My room was named the “Boys Room”.  The House really has a speak easy feeling to it, when arriving you wouldn’t say to arrive in a BB. You need to ring the door before someone opens up and it really feels as warm as stepping into someones house. For a longer stay that also means, you can hangout in the living room downstairs or the living room next to the rooftop terrace.


On top of The House there’s a large roof terrace with a view over the city and the river, after a long day of walking it’s perfect to grab a beer or a glass of wine out of the fridge and enjoy the sunset over the city from one of the relaxed seats on the terrace. Normal prices, not your typical minibar. 😉


The breakfast in The House is great, it has a small buffet with everything you could wish for. Freshly baked croissants, fruitsalade, juices, coffee, bread and cereals. If you want they’ll make you some eggs.

Evolution Hotels

A design hotel situated a half hour walk from the old city centre. With a rain shower, way too many buttons and a fresh clean look to finish it of. In the lobby music is played, nice couches fill the room and the bar is always open. You can check yourself in through the e-system, all tough I prefer a little human contact. Nothing in the room is missing and I slept like a baby. If you like your hotels to be stylish and stuffed with high-tech design items, this is definately your place!