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Hi there! My name is Devina aka @de_vintje on Instagram. I love to travel and eat my way around the world, documenting and sharing my adventures and local gems. Today, I am super excited to share with you the Top 3 Most Instagrammable Cafes in London, and when best to visit. So that you can take those awesome Instagram-proof pictures.

Peggy Porschen

If you are limited in time and can only visit 1 Instagrammable Cafe, then definitely visit Peggy Porschen. The pink perfect building, with beautiful floral arrangements that change with the seasons, is a reason on its own to (re)visit this place. To take that Instagenic shot, I recommend you to sit at the terrace. Preferably table no.7 right next to the door, as you have more space to play with the angle there. The best chance to get those seats, is for you to come as early as possible and no later than 09:30 AM. We came in around 09:00 AM and were lucky to be able to pick any seat on the terrace. 30 minutes later all seats were occupied.

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What to order at Peggy Porschen

We ordered a slice of Lemon, Raspberry & Rose Layered Cake, Summer Berries Pudding Cupcake, a cup of Floral Rose Tea and a Cappuccino. As expected, both the cake and cupcake were too pretty to eat and tasted very good, but for £6-£7 each, not exceptional in my opinion. So yes, you do kind of pay for that pretty decor and presentation, but hey, isn’t that what we came for?

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Saint Aymes

If you love Wisterias and flower walls, then Saint Aymes is a must visit. The terrace is decorated with gorgeous wisterias and has 3 tables only. So you can imagine that these fill up quickly. If you’d like to have a clean shot sitting on the terrace, then make sure you are the very first customer. If it’s cloudy, don’t be afraid to sit on the terrace, you can always get inside when it’s raining. There are multiple flower walls inside, both on ground and underground level. Two of which serve as photo corners, so you can still take some stunning floral shots, even if you don’t have that perfect table.

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What to order at Café Saint Aymes in London

In terms of the menu, this cafe is the most special compared to the other two on this list. Definitely try one of their signature drinks. We went for the Pink Unicorn Latte, with single espresso shot on the side, lavished in 24ct gold. The Rainbow Layered Cake and the Unicorn Biscuit are also not to be missed, as they look adorable. These specialty offerings together with the lovely floral exterior and ditto interior, make Saint Aymes an Instagram-Worthy Cafe.

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Elan Cafe

The Elan cafe is mostly famous for its pink rose-covered wall and has 2 branches, one on Park Lane and the other on Brompton Road. To better experience the flower wall, I suggest you to go to Brompton Road, as the wall is taller and wider there. It is also closely located to the Natural History and the Victoria & Albert museum, so perfect for an after museum visit! As with most cafes, best advice is usually to come as early as possible. However, we arrived here around 18:00 PM and only needed to wait for 10 minutes for a table next to the rose-covered wall. Also as the cafe is open until midnight, I am sure you’ll have plenty of chances to be able to check out that wall. You do need to ask specifically for the table next to wall, as it is well hidden in the back and you don’t see it immediately when you come in.

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What to order at the Elan Café in London?

It was quite warm that day so we ordered Iced Coffee and Iced Watermelon & Green Tea. Since I wasn’t sure what cake to order I asked the waitress for their best seller, which appears to be the Red Velvet Cheesecake. The £4.5 Cheesecake was good, but I wished I tasted more cheese in it as it is a cheesecake. Nevertheless, the rose-covered wall is quite impressive and serve as a great backdrop. So if you love that, then make sure to visit this place!

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