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Instameets are the best. Over the years I’ve visited a lot of Instameets. A perfect way for the Instagram community to go offline and meet other grammers. Last nights Instameet was hosted by IGers Amsterdam at Bocca Coffee.instameet-bocca-coffee-in-the-hand

I’m very fond and very picky about my daily dosis of caffeine. So it may come as no surprise I loved going there again. A group of coffee loving grammers together in a pretty coffee place in the city centre of Amsterdam. Pretty romantic right?Processed withinstameet-bocca-coffee-niscovery

I thought to share some of the pictures Deepa and I made. If you’re curious to see more? Make sure to check out the #IGA_bocca for all the posts of the other Instagrammers who attended this Instameet.

instameet-bocca-coffee-photo-deepa Processed withinstameet-bocca-coffee-eliane

Big thank you to Bocca Coffee for learning us all there is to know about the history, your coffee, cold brews and letting us try to create our very own first latte art. Trust me you really don’t want to see my results. But if you’re curious, feel free to check our Instagram stories. Make sure to hurry up, as you can only watch them within the next 24 hours.Processed withinstameet-bocca-coffee-barista-vincent

Maybe we’ll see you at the next Instameet?!

Instagrammable | Instameet | Bocca Coffee

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