A new fresh start-up called Holiday Sitters Amsterdam, that will conquer the world soon.

There’s a new business in town and it’s called Holiday Sitters from Amsterdam. This is as good as it sounds. It’s babysitter for when you’re on holiday. At least that’s the idea. For now, they started off in Amsterdam. So for me, it’s mostly a babysitter as I’m not on Holidays. Why do I write this blog in English? Because there are not just any babysitters. This is a multi-lingual babysitting service. This means as much, that the babysitter will speak the language of your child. And with Amsterdam being this multi-cultural capital, this is perfect.

Find a babysitter abroad.

Last time we visited Ghent with the little lady or Berlin for that same matter, we wanted to visit this cocktail bar at night. But in another city, you don’t have your usual sitter around. This is probably what the ladies behind Holiday Sitters must have experienced too. So I’m really hoping the first city they will expand too will be Ghent or Berlin or even London.


60 Babysitters speaking over 20 different languages.


I’m talking serious numbers over here. 20 Different languages is very impressive, and I can only imagine how perfect this could be. If all of your family lives back home and you want to have a date night. How to find a matching babysit that will speak the language of your kid.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean this babysit is only handy when you’re non-Dutch because I’m Dutch and I booked one too.

Do you want to try them out? Feel free to use our discount code: “elianeroest” for one free hour of babysitting, the other hours can be added during the booking. Easy does it!



And while writing this blog, I received the lovely news that Holiday Sitters won the 2nd price during the “Hack Osaka Awards” in Japan. Congratulations!

Personal experiences:

Deepa PaulBooking a babysitter with Holiday Sitters was really easy. Their website is simple, straightforward and easy to use—not having to pay membership fees is a bonus! We booked Lilly, who has great reviews on the site. She was punctual, friendly and had an air of quiet confidence that immediately put us at ease. We usually leave our daughter with a sitter only after she goes to bed, but when Tala woke up in the middle of the night, Lilly was able to easily soothe her back to sleep. The next morning, when I asked Tala she told me that Lilly was nice. We would definitely book Lilly (and Holiday Sitters) again. More date nights, yahoo!

Ilona Izabella: “Date nights don’t happen much anymore when you have a small child, so when we went out yesterday I really enjoyed it. A nice dinner with my partner alone and without worries about Kai. I already knew he was in good hands when our sitter stepped inside our home.I had a great experience with Holidaysitters and when we need another night out, I’m sure I’ll book with them again.”

Eliane Roest: will follow soon

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