Let’s cozy up at the new Bij de Bruin in Rotterdam


When you step inside the pre-war space of Bij De Bruin you are entering one of the oldest parts of Rotterdam and one of the coziest new spaces in town. Owners Patrick and Miquel were waiting with open arms and a glass of Prosecco as they welcomed us into their ‘home away from home’.

Bij De Bruin, Rotterdam

After opening its doors in December, Patrick and Miquel along with their talented chefs have been working really hard. All in the ambition to create a space that they see as an extension of their own home offering fresh, seasonal produce that aims to inspire and excite your senses.

bij-de-bruin-rotterdam-interieur bij-de-bruin-rotterdam-bloemen

Eclectic Interior

On the bar sits enticing giant jar multicolored gumballs alongside an eclectic porcelain leopard candelabra with a rare vintage robot ebay find encased above a freshly baked Quinnies apple pie on the second level dining area. The warm copper toned walls, museum style displays of vintage treasure and test tubes filled with fresh flowers make you feel right at home in this hidden city gem.


We began our feast that celebrated the ‘best of’ Bij De Bruin’s menu over the past 10 months with a seared slice of fresh tuna and trio of cauliflower presented in a sardine tin, a well-choreographed surprise! Shortly after we had devoured our first taste of the night, a serving of duck carpaccio arrived on slate looking like a beautiful blend of a Rothko and Pollock painting.



Steak Tartare

The prawn & langoustine soup was served next, disguised as a freshly ground shot of espresso with perfect crema, the strong seafaring scent being the only thing giving the game away! Steak tartare which has been a firm favourite from the start is next in line decorated in what I could only see as a fabulous 50’s atomic design (complete with quail egg yolk droplets, a slim bar of deep fried lasagna pasta and a spring onion starburst.)

Did you know Instagram Blogger Eliane has an addiction to Steak Tartare, read all about it here or here.



The octopus was the winner of the night surprising most diners with its succulent texture, a real treat. My wandering, apple pie admiring eyes were not left disappointed when the pear crumble adorned with vanilla icecream and strawberry jus was placed before me. A perfectly sweet end to the evening!



Quinnie’s Famous Apple Pie

I’ll be back for a coffee and slice of Quinnie’s famous apple pie soon enough and perhaps a handful of gumballs on my way out this time. Open Tuesday – Sunday on the Oude Binnenweg 140a. Rotterdam go get your fix!