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I’m a lifelong ex-pat – born in Ghana, raised in South Africa, currently living in Amsterdam 🙂 Since I bought my first camera in 2012 and joined Instagram later that year, I have found that photography is my happy place. I use photography to express myself creatively and always look to improve my work, inspire those who take an interest in what I do and I thoroughly enjoy being part of Instagram as a community platform. My main focus in terms of photographic subjects has varied over time – currently, I would say I’m more oriented towards portraits and increasingly experimenting with street photography but landscapes, travel and conceptual/fine artwork remain a core part of why I picked up the camera, to begin with.

Guest blog by Nana Ampofo, better know as @picarus


A visual force of nature and one of the Instagrammers I have followed for the longest time. Terry has evolved his work from being the ‘Rooftop King’ of Los Angeles to brilliant, candid street portraits intertwined with travel and nature shots. If you love, dark, moody images then this is simply one of the best accounts out there.

10 x the best views in Amsterdam by @Dutchie

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I started Arin in mid-2016, shortly before meeting him and shooting together in NYC in August 2016. His work has gone from strength to strength over the last 6 months. As one of the most Instagrammed cities in the world, there are so many Instagrammers capturing New York City but Arin has continued to develop his own, unique eye on the city. His street photography, in particular, continues to inspire me with his use of light and composition to create memorable, cinematic scenes.

10 Vrouwelijke fotografen (NL & BE) die jouw follow verdienen

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I wouldn’t say Poland was really on my travel list – at least not high enough to be an ‘urgent destination’ but ever since Jorge moved to Warsaw, he has continued to bring the city to life in a way that makes me want to pack my bags and fly off to see it for myself. His use of clean lines, classic composition and well-toned, not-over-saturated colours is a trademark style that has seen his work widely featured both by @instagram and others across the internet – well-deserved recognition for this visual master.


Top 10 architecture Instagram spots in the Netherlands, picked by Marcorama.


No Instagram account has influenced me as much as the work of artist and brilliant photographer William Smith. His use of leading lines, forced perspective and light represent the best of creative photography in my opinion. Sadly William lost his father in 2016 but continues to share stunning images of the artful, surreal images they created together under the hashtag #mydadthemaninthehat.

top-10-instagrammers-billsmith2315 top-10-instagrammers-billsmith2315 top-10-instagrammers-billsmith2315


Denise is a long-time IG friend – we started together way back before the new algorithm, the Snapchat-features, etc – when Instagram was a simpler place and De used to post quirky minimalist selfies. Somewhere down the line, her work got completely flipped on its head with the incorporation of surreal, wacky imagery – she continues to push boundaries and is one of the few Instagrammers that truly deserves the title ‘Artist’ in my opinion



The Queen of composition – Sacha plays with lines, patterns, and colours in a mesmerizing blend of architecture and classic people and places. Not at all in a cliché way but rather her work is the cutting edge of this particular Instagram-driven style of photography.

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@trendygirltravz (account no longer exists)

I travel a fair amount but Rose travels and travels… and travels – she certainly does so in style. Another long-time Instagram friend that continues to inspire my own travel-lust with gorgeous landscapes from her travel around the world. Her use of vivid colours combined with the spectacular scenery always makes the viewer feel like “I want to go there now” – travel photography of the highest calibre.

top-10-instagrammers-trendygirltravz top-10-instagrammers-trendygirltravz top-10-instagrammers-trendygirltravz


Yik Keat might be only 21 but he shoots and imagines his way through photography like a true master. I’ve had the pleasure of following his work for several years on Instagram and watched in awe as he continued to develop his skills and produce consistently stunning visuals. His recent shift into portraits has added an extra layer of excitement to a feed full of vibrant, diverse content.

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A recent discovery – it was love at first sight when I came across Irina’s feed. Her work is daring, provocative and endlessly creative. Her use of light and shadow, carefully placed human subjects and wild imagination lights a fire in my imagination.

top-10-instagrammers_roik_irina top-10-instagrammers_roik_irina top-10-instagrammers_roik_irina


An Instagrammer I met in the summer of 2015, from that crazy summer onwards we would become friends, travel together and ‘gram’ together. I was fortunate to witness his creative direction and wonderful eye up-close. Gone far, far too soon – his work really speaks for itself – he left us all with a gift of Art. He obsessed over his feed, the colours, the patterns, the style and it shows – what a picture he painted!

top-10-instagrammers_iauwhwee top-10-instagrammers_iauwhwee top-10-instagrammers_iauwhwee

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