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As a restaurant these days you’re not in the game if you don’t at least have one very Instagrammable dish on your menu. It might be just a little detail to consider adding a pretty dish like the ones below to your menu. Some restaurants are ruling the social media with their Instagram Food Hypes. About time to make a list of these jaw-dropping dishes around the world. Is this kind of a dish not your thing, be aware as soon we’ll draw up a list, about those restaurants around the world with amazing Instagrammable interiors.

Freak Shakes

It all began somewhere in Australia. 2 Guys came up with the idea to mix a cake with a milkshake. Good for you if you live down-under. But hey not to worry, I spotted some lookalike freak shakes at the Grand Café Krasnapolski here in Amsterdam!

Loop Churros

Churros remind me of them Summer holidays when I was little in France. Back then I enjoyed them in a greasy little bag after a long day at the beach. In California, they redesigned them in something that looks like the photos below. Looped and ready to be dipped and topped!


Coffee in a cone

Drinking coffee out of a cone, why not? In Johannesburg, they serve you coffee in a homemade cone. Hello there coffee brewers in Holland, who will copy this hype to Hollands, I’ll be your first customer!


Egg waffle ice cream

Ice cream is always and everywhere popular, but it’s all in the details and presentation. The crazier the better and the more colours the bigger the chance you’ll get hyped. And why not combine different things together. Meet the “egg waffle ice cream”! In Amsterdam, you can find some amazing looking ice creams at IJsmanschap or Sillers



Besides above food hypes, we found these 2 Instagram accounts in Amsterdam which are pretty Instagram proof if you ask us. 

Macaron Ice cream

Patisserie Linnick at the Amstelveenseweg sells macarons filled with ice cream. I found these on the account by @cravingsinamsterdam.


Photo by @cravingsinamsterdam

Life of Pie Amsterdam

Have you seen the over-the-top pies by Life of Pie? Dripping all the way and topped off with mountains of candy, hard to resist! But hurry up, these ladies are fully booked well in advance.


We might be missed out on a food hype in the pretty world of Instagram. Feel free to share your favourite food hype with us in the comments below.

Posted by is het online platform achter het Instagram-account van @elianeroest. Eliane woont in Amsterdam met haar vriend Daan en dochter Brune van 9. Ze is altijd op zoek naar de meest Instagrammable plekken in Europa. Ze deelt haar verhaal op, waar ze ook een team van enthousiaste gastbloggers leidt.