10 Instagram mama’s below 10K to follow (March 2019)


I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram mama’s. Even have a bit of an allergy to lots of babyspam. But on the other hand, some mama’s on Instagram surprise me day in day out. I get the best inspiration out of them and I recognise their struggles and their happy moments. These Instagram mama’s deserve way more love. They just share the daily life and don’t fill their feed with sponsored posts. Back to basic and filled with love.


Clementine May is the mama behind the Instagram account Small Acorns. I’m deeply in love with the faded tones she works with on her photos. Starring this little guy every now and then. Living in Folkestone, working in London in no less than an art gallery.


An is from Belgium and has two boys. I don’t come across a lot of moms on Instagram with a little bit meer kids. Ann is a no nonsense mom and that’s what I like about her. Her feed is full with the outdoor life and beautiful photos.


Sanne is a mom from Holland to 2 small boys. Watch her life through the lens and be prepared for some pretty moments out of daily life.


Nina is my almost neighbour here in Amsterdam. Her daughter has the same name as Deepa’s daughter. Those were enough reasons to go follow her. But it gets better, she does these motherhood photo sessions that are amazing. I love her calmness and the way she looks at life. We could all learn from her. This is a special one.


Jeannine lives in London (for now) with her little girl. She wrote 3 awesome guest blogs about London with kids for us. I love how she captures her little girl in the big city and takes her anywhere. Just the way as I like to do with my girl.


Magda might not be your typical mom on Instagram, but boy can she take photos. I love this one from my dear fellow Instagram blogger Adrienne. Mesmerising images from nature with a fairytale twist in it.


Mama to two girls and an amazing storyteller, she really catches my breath with her photos and captions. And look at these two cute girls!


A Dutch mama living in London. I’m sure there’s lots of them. Even 2 in this list. Her little red head steels the show in most of her photos.

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Daily life in 52 #5 | Almost every weekend we try to visit places in London we’ve never been before. Today it was our first time in @tatebritainlondon. What a beautiful museum (Kyra loved it too????)! . . . #dailylifein52 #tatebritain #tatebritainlondon #museumslondon #museumlondon #londonmuseum #daylightphotography #daylightphotography #fujixt2 #dailylifein52 #britishmuseum #londonarchitecture #prettycitylondon #londonliving #london4all #londonbylondoners #london4you #londongirl #lotiloves #ThisIsLondon #itssolondon #prettylittlelondon #mytinyatlaslondon #toplondonphoto #timeoutlondon #wanderlustlondon #londonphotography #creativeminds #dutchphotographer #travelandsee #theprettycities #lotiloves

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I think I’m in love with every single photo in her feed. She’s Collecting life’s precious moments in this photodiary and she does a great job at it!


The lovely redhead Dani is a professional photographer and you can see that in her pictures. At the moment she’s traveling through Asia with her husband and two lovely boys. This photo is beyond!

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Ik gebruik vaak ‘reversed psychology’ als ik (mijn) kinderen fotografeer. Als ik zou vragen ‘kunnen jullie even bij papa gaan zitten zodat ik een foto kan maken?’ Is de kans op een foto ongeveer 1%. Als ik zeg ‘ik maak nu foto’s van papa, dus zorg ervoor dat je de foto’s niet verpest door bijvoorbeeld op zijn schoot te gaan zitten!’ Dan krijg je dit. Alles met een lach natuurlijk! ☺️ . . . I often use reversed psychology when I take pictures of (my) kids. If I would ask them ‘can you please sit with dad so I can take a picture’ chances are about 1% to get a shot. When I say ‘I’m making pictures of dad now so make sure you don’t ruin the shot by sitting on his lap or something!’ This is what I get. All with a big smile ofcourse ☺️#vadervandeweek #oudersvannu @oudersvannu

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Who are your favourite Instagram mama’s out there. Sharing is caring!

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