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The new museum by Wim Pijbes is the talk of the town lately and totally blew us of our feet. Surrounded by the dunes a new museum was built as close to nature as can be. The Voorlinden is filled with modern art, in such a way its almost entertainment and that made us more than happy. The ‘greatest hits’ in modern art of the moment, collected in one beautiful museum. The Voorlinden has a permanent collection and I will highlight some of these works below. Besides that, the Voorlinden also offers temporary exhibitions, as the work of Ellis Worthy at this very moment.


To arrive at the Voorlinden is worth the trip already towards Wassenaar. Surrounded by nature and a glorious garden the museum arises in the middle of the garden. We visited the museum in the early fall and were treated with lots of flowers and beautiful trees.


Swimming Pool

And boy did we love the museum. We arrived a bit late on a Sunday, which left us with too little time to explore everything. As it was a Sunday it was a bit busy at the Voorlinden, so we had to wait in line for the “Swimming Pool”. This work is best experienced with not too many people in the pool. During the wait we heard an elevator behind us, but when we looked around, we didn’t see it. It was my daughter who discovered yet another amazing piece of art. Two small elevators caught our attention. The elevators is a work by Maurizio Cattelan, make sure to check his oeuvre as he has many works of art which you surely will like. The Swimming Pool by Leandre Erlich is one of the reasons we wanted to come here. It’s a work that can be experienced from the in- and outside.



The “Skyspace” is a space where our very own sky is the piece of art. In a silent and wonderful space, your eyes are directly drawn to the ceiling. We were doubting for quite some time if there was a window or not. Skyspace is a work by James Turell.


Couple under an Umbrella

Almost all of the works in the permanent collection of the Voorlinden will tickle your imagination. And it didn’t tickle just mine, but also my daughters (7 years). She ran from artwork to artwork and was totally excited about loads of them. It’s a very pleasant way to enjoy art together.


NOTE: Your museum card is not valid at the museum Voorlinden. Kids up to 12 years are free of entrance. Adults pay 15,00 euro entrance.

NOTE 1: Don’t miss out on the toilets!

Museum Voorlinden | Buurtweg 90 | Wassenaar

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