Pink hotspots rocking it on Instagram


Did you know that Pink is one the most popular colours on Instagram. If I were to open a new hotspot I would add a pink interior to it. About time to share the most pinkalicious spots around the world with you. So here are 10 pink hotspots to visit!

Sketch | London

Meet Londons most Instagrammed restaurant, and how could it not? Sketch is by far the best pink hotspot out there. Aint nobody gonna pink it up more than this. And may I add, I don’t know that many restaurants hitting 100K followers.

Sticky Fingers | Amsterdam

Sticky Fingers is a brand new pink hotspot in Amsterdam. Situated in the conscious hotel, they decided to add a pink tile wall to their interior. What a good decision it was. Within several weeks every Instagrammer around town took a selfie over there.

Sunny Sticky! ☀️✌?See you tomorrow for another one #staysticky #staysunny #guiltynotguilty #stickyfingers #biteme #✌?

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Holy Matcha | San Diego

Pink couches, plant covered walls, and a whole lotta matcha. What you see is what you get. Let’s get tropical in this pink hotspot!

retail wall on point????

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Paul Smith Limited | Hollywood

Not a hotspot, but it’s a pink wall that can’t be missed. Go see for yourself on Instagram. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Ooh, trickster.

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La Maison Rose | Montmartre | Paris

You never looked this good in front of a house. La Maison Rose is famous on Instagram. I wouldn’t know how it looks on the inside, but you can sure rock your #OOTD in front of this pink hotspot in Paris.

C'est une maison rose… ?? souvenir de mon passage parisien il y a une semaine… #confidencesduneblondegoestoparis

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Normann | Copenhagen

The people at Normann must have htought. If the Instagram community likes it pink, we’re gonna give them pink. They died the whole showroom pink and inserted their pink objects. What’s not to love?

Nanan Patisserie | Wroclaw

Pink and sweets? Match made in heaven. In Poland you can enjoy your daily sweet cravings in the Nanan Patisserie. From top to toe it’s pink.

GRIND | London

Yet another one in London. Not only 75K followers and a verified Instagram account. They have a pink couch, pink chairs and marble tables to top it off. Even the drinks and food look very Instagrammable.

Werkwarenhuis | Den Bosch

It’s a shop, work space and restaurant in one. Located in the South of Holland. It might be a little ride, but will you look at them pink walls?

Welkom in het #werkwarenhuis van #sociallabel met restaurant #vanaken #tramkade 20-25 @bezoekdenbosch

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Mansur Gavriel | New York

If you’re looking for me? I’m gone shopping! Looking for a brand new leather bag in the prettiest shop of New York. That must be the shop by Mansur Gavriel. Not only the bags are top of the bill, but look at them flowers!

MG FLOWER SHOP 134 Wooster Street ? Flowers by @brrch_floral

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Los Feliz Amsterdam

You can get some amazing brunch and cocktails at Los Feliz in Amsterdam. And on top of that, they have this very pink wall. Read our brunch review over here.


Do you know of any other pink hotspots? Feel free to share them below in the comments. Enjoy!




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