Top 10 architecture Instagram spots in the Netherlands, picked by Marcorama.


Lines and geometrical shapes are my thing, I see them everywhere! For most people buildings are places to live and work in. But for me, when it all fits, modern architecture makes me feel excited and relaxed at the same time. With composition, symmetry, contrast and leading lines I capture these feelings in my images.

Guest blog by Instagrammer Marco de Groot | @marcorama

I’ve always have been interested in photography but after the launch of Instagram on Android, almost 5 years ago, it really sparked. My first post was immediately after the install, in an office building, looking up an atrium. I started following accounts and they inspired me to pick up my photography again. I really like the social part of Instagram. People are friendly and genuinely interested in others and that leads to the best part, the offline meeting of IGers. I love shooting buildings in an original and unique angle and discovering new once and their spiral staircases.

Profile photo by Deepa Paul. All other photos by Macorama.

Top 10 architecture Instagram spots by Marcorama

For this guest blog, I’d like to show you my top 10 buildings I’ve shot in The Netherlands. They are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gouda, Nieuwegein and my hometown Utrecht. If you are visiting NL and interested in shooting architecture drop me a DM!

400 Beethovenstraat by Unstudio


The first time I saw this building almost complete the sun was setting and reflected beautifully on the ceiling. It was really cold but I was happy as a kid on Christmas day and stood there watching and taking pictures until my friend yelled he was freezing and wanted to get back in the car.

Calypso by William Alsop


I love the way this large building houses so many different occupants. It’s made up out of 407 flats, spaces for offices, shops, 500 parking spaces and a church. Every angle gives you another style and colour.

House of the City by Soeters Van Eldonk architects


Nicknamed ‘treacle-waffle’ this in 2012 completed building is all lines! From every angle, it’s a different view. Part of the redevelopment of the railway station.

City hall by 3XN


These angles are just stunning. This is the side entrance of the City Hall and cultural centre. The glass façade gives the building a different look depending on the weather.

Hidden beauty – VMX Architekten


This beauty is not easily found, but after seeing pictures of it I found the location and got permission to shoot it. I really love the bold yellow and the rhythm of the façade.

Timmerhuis by OMA


This famous building is impressive from all angles. During the “Rotterdamse Dakendagen” you can access several rooftops and I managed to take a shot of it from the rooftop of the WTC. After I posted it went viral on Instagram and now has almost 9.000 likes :-).

Casa confetti – Marlies Rohmer


On the Utrecht university area, there are several unique buildings for student housing. This one is my favourite and the name just makes me smile every time I read it.

Ravel residence by OeverZaaijer architects


This temporary building, is also a student housing project. The patterns and rhythm created by the modular design of the facade are stunning. This particular shot I made on a freezing winter day when the sky was clear with polar air. The windows reflected this beautifully.

Hilton Schiphol by Mecanoo


My top 10 wouldn’t be complete with the Hilton Schiphol. Here you see the façade made up out of diamond shaped windows and panels. From the inside it’s an architectural heaven. Filled with lines and curves.

De cope by JHK Architecten


One of the first buildings, I found nearby where I live is this office and parking structure. The façade is made up from punctured steel in my favorite color, yellow! Just love the color contrast with the blue skies.

Feel free to share you favorite buildings below.

If you’re up for sharing a special Instagram top 10, let us know!



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