10 Best places for coffee in Amsterdam

10 Perfect places for coffee in Amsterdam-trakteren-koffie

People often ask me for my favourite place to drink coffee. The problem is, there isn’t just one. There are so many good ones and they all serve a proper coffee. Each one has their own thing, why I like to visit them. So here are 10 perfect places for coffee in Amsterdam. Feel free to share your own favourite in the comments below.


All the way from Antwerp is Bert. He found himself a new home in Amsterdam. And I found a home away from home in his coffee place. The beans are still roasted up in Antwerp, but brewed right under your nose in Amsterdam. Oh and Bert has an amazing taste in music, so keep your Shazam on standby.

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By far the best latte art in town. Can’t think of any other place where they created coffees with a cuteness overload. Besides that, the boys are really talented in the aeropress section! So you might want to check out their special skills.

10 Perfect places for coffee in Amsterdam-trakteren-koffie


I still can remember the day, these guys opened up their coffeeshop at the Jan Eef. And with them coming into the street, the whole neighbourhood changed for the best. They have some funky coffees, let’s say, it’s not for everybody. But if you’re a true lover of specialty coffee, this is the place.10 Perfect places for coffee in Amsterdam-white-label-coffee


Welcome to Instagram heaven. Hardly no coffee is enjoyed here, without being grammed first. But don’t wait too long, cappuccino’s should be dranked instantly if you ask me. So make sure to order at least two. Located just behind the Haarlemmerstraat, it’s perfect in combination with some good old shopping.

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I discovered this one, during a period I had to work a lot on the Eastside of town. The East of Amsterdam is really worth it to explore it a bit more, if only for the coffee they serve there.


The spot does serve some awesome cofee, roasted and brewed up in Amsterdam West. That been said, it’s most of the times way to crowdy to get your hands on a cup of coffee, too little seats for its popularity. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. You might want to check out their other locations at the Overtoom or inside the store of Urban Outfitters.

coffee and bike is always a great idea…well it's even greater when the barista is cute ☕?☕?

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Travelling to the East of Amsterdam? This is your got-to coffee spot. The one in the list with the best assortiment of cakes. So please reserve some time as you want to try at least one of the sweets over here.



A perfect coffee spot to escape the busy city centre. As it is set up really spacious, you can really easily meet up with people over here. Don’t forget to grab a bag of beans on your way out. More Bocca, can be found here.



A bit of a newbie in this list, but definately on top of their coffee game. You can watch the city pass by on the little bench in front of this coffeeshop.


Besides some great coffee, these people mastered the skills for baking cinnamon buns. Have a seat in front of the window, the view on the Sarphatipark is an extra. Perfect combination with a stroll along the Albert Cuyp markt for your weekly groceries.

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Special listing for the people of @stookercoffee, as they don’t have a coffee spot of their own, but they do make some awesome coffee.


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Best coffee places in Amsterdam


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