Gin Mayo by Mossel en Gin

If there’s one drink we love more than anything on this blog, it’s gin. (Let’s keep it hush hush—we don’t want coffee to get jealous.) So when the folks from Mossel en Gin told us that they had two tubes of Gin Mayo with our names on them, we did a little happy dance before cycling over to the Westergasfabriek to pick them up.

Mossel en Gin

Gin Mayo is the newest project of the enterprising folks at Mossel en Gin, which is (being right in my backyard) one of my favorite weekend places to chill and, in my humble opinion, the best place in town to get a good gin and tonic.

As the name suggests, Mossel en Gin also serves up a lip-smacking plate of mussels and fries—with a wicked serving of cocktail sauce on the side. Made by them chief cook Sten, from a blend of gin, ketchup, and mayo (and a few other secret ingredients), Mossel en Gin’s signature sauce was so yummy, that loyal patrons started wanting to buy just the mayo.

And that suddenly seemed like a very, very good idea.

Bobby’s Gin

Josh and Wouter, the owners of Mossel en Gin set out to find partners to make their mayo dreams come true. After eating heaping spoonfuls of their secret sauce (true story), the powers that be at Van Wijngaarden, makers of the famous Zaanse Mayo, were sold. Next to come on board was homegrown spirit Bobby’s Gin, its slightly spicy blend giving the recipe the perfect kick.

The result is a 100% Dutch labor of love that tastes as good as it looks.

The Gin Mayo gospel is slowly spreading, with fish shops, wine shops, horeca outlets and specialty boutiques in Amsterdam getting in on the action. You can already find it at Sterk on De Clerqstraat (also online), Chabrol Wines and About Lifestyle for Men on the Haarlemmerstraat, to name a few.

It won’t be long until it’s everywhere—and you can always get in touch with the guys at Gin Mayo to find out where you can grab a tube. Where there is demand, supply will follow. So go and demand! Fries are never going to be the same again. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying Gin Mayo just the way Eliane likes her gin—straight up, with nothing on the side.