These are the most fun and kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam


Not every kids enjoys sitting long hours at the table while the parents enjoy their meal, wine and a good conversation. On the other hand, not every parent wants to go to Mc Donalds for a dinnerdate with the whole family. Not to worry. We found you the best fun and kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam.

Bar Kantoor in Westerpark

We recently visited Bar Kantoor and we love it. It is Instagram-proof, they have a way with kids and the serve yummie food and drinks. What more could you wish for. Rather chat up with your fellow mommies? On Wednesday they have a craft lady there, so your kid can enjoy a workshop while you enjoy your coffee. Win/ Win!

Leuk Amsterdam in the Houthavens area

I recenlty discovered Leuk Amsterdam, because a friend of my daughter had her birthdayparty there. It has a seperate kids area with lots of games. But the food is nice too. The kids menu is printed on a balloon, they have lots of choises and you can enjoy a good steak tartare!

Spaghetteria Amsterdam

This is one of my favourites over the recent years. We’ve been coming hear a lot. And what we do, we come a bit early. Later in the evening it can get a bit busy and w enjoy a good conversation without shouting ;). So say right before 18.00 hrs. Ask the waiter for the kids options as they’re not on the menu. They have the classic sauces in smaller portions. They never dissapointed us through the years. Spaghetteria can be found in West, South and the East of Amsterdam!

Madam Pancake in the city centre of Amsterdam

I myself don’t enjoy the Dutch pancakes for dinner. But at Madam Pancake they took the American pancakes next level. By letting a true chef create the menu. They created savory pancakes with a true culinary level. Adding the fact that they serve gin-tonics and other delicious cocktails. This should be on your go to list! PS also fun for breakfast, lunch and brunch obviously.

The best kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam

Vergulden Eenhoorn in Amsterdam East

This is a special one, specifically for the smaller kids too as it has a playground around it. So the kids can play outside while the parents enjoy a little me-time if needed. Great for running in between courses.

Conceptstore and Kids Café Blender in de Pijp

A conceptstore, café and hairdresser in one. Does it get any better? And while you’re in the mood for shopping:

These are my favorite Amsterdam Kids Brands.

Wijs West en Onwijs West in Amsterdam West

This place can’t be missed, located at the Bilderdijkstraat, it hosts a store, a café and aswell a hairdresser on set times, so make sure to check that out. They serve my favorite ice cream by IJsmanschap!

Restaurant Haddock in Amsterdam East

Look at that space and the terrace, this is a go-to place all year round. They’re very much kid-friendly and have some kids activities organised every now and then.

Melksnor Café in Amsterdam East

This is maybe the cutest one. With lots of nice treats for the kids and also a good hang-out for their parents!

Blitskikker in Amsterdam East

Located at the hipster Javastraat in Amsterdam East you can find Blitskikker. Shop, dresser and coffeeshop all combined in one. Looking at the list, I’d say this is a golden combination.

Ginger and Ale in Amsterdam East

Even further down in Amsterdam East you can find Ginger and Ale, a pancake restaurant. They have a nice Sunday brunch and they host kids activities. Love it that Amsterdam hosts so many good kids-proof hotspots.

Minimarkt in Amsterdam Zuid

Wrote about this one already earlier, but still a great place!

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