Sweet-toothing your way through Amsterdam


For all the sweet ladies and sugar daddy’s, this blog goes out to you. We found you the best places to sweet tooth yourself a way through Amsterdam. It included doughnuts, the best cake, freak-shakes and what not. Are you prepared, because here we go!


Sticky Fingers (Laura Mitchell)

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Sandwiched between a busy gym and Vondelpark, Sticky Fingers is the super Instagramable eco-patisserie that every sweet treat lover seems to be talking about. The rose pink feature tiles and super stylish logo are an instant eye-catcher and even the avid gym-goers seem tempted as they pass by. The lemon meringue tartlet and coconut macaroon were our picks of the day and we weren’t disappointed. Fresh blooms, an industrial vibe, and freshly baked treats make this ideal person watching place one of the prettiest in Amsterdam.

sweet-toothing-sticky-fingers-amsterdam sweet-toothing-sticky-fingers-amsterdam

Selma’s (Eliane Roest)

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We have this thing with cinnamon buns, I just can’t help it. If you come early you’re sure to pick a warm bun straight from the oven. If you’re in for a small experiment, please try the cardamon version, it’s beyond good! What can I say, we’re addicted.


Photo Eliane Roest

Cheesycake Official (Deepa Paul)

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Any cheesecake lovers here? Please pay attention, because Spiros can make you a cheesecake called Mr Grey!

Freakshakes (Eliane Roest)

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I still don’t know what to think of these. But we wouldn’t be good Instagram Bloggers if we would leave these Instagram Proof treats out of this crazy sweet list. So here you go. Freak Shakes for the win, in 2 flavors; strawberry and/or chocolate.


Sweet Bob (Deepa Paul)

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The great thing about Amsterdam, is that they offer sweets from all over the world. What about these brigadeiros all the way from Brasil. And boy if the sweets aren’t good enough, the boys surely are!


Van Stapele Koekmakerij (Eliane Roest)

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These might be just the most famous cookies in Amsterdam. In this bakery, they only bake one kind of a cookie. And if you tasted these, you never want any other. The cookies are always warm and just be warned, there might be a line in front of the door to get your cookie fix.


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