Vive la France in Amsterdam | The closest thing to France you can get in Amsterdam


Every time I return to Amsterdam after spending some time in France, I know I’ll be missing the food real bad. Of course, I take some stuff with me, but that just doesn’t cover it. Since Amsterdam is a big city, it’s not impossible to get my French heart beating. So about time, I shared my favourite French restaurants, hotspots in Amsterdam. On the look out for the perfect French restaurant in Amsterdam.

Auberge Jean et Marie

Momenteel geopend voor afhaal en bezorging


An auberge in the middle of Amsterdam? What’s wrong with this picture? Not very much. Auberge Jean et Marie decided the place for their new auberge should be situated in the wannabe Marais; De Pijp. And where De Pijp lacks a lot of Maraisian qualities, the Auberge makes up for that. French classics on the menu, so just close your eyes, enjoy and pretend to be in France.

Petit Gateau

Momenteel geopend voor afhaal


No France without patissiers and then there’s just one place to go: Petit Gateau. With a shop situated at the Haarlemmerstraat and one in the Foodhallen (check out Entrecôte while you’re there) a little gateau is always within reach. I would certainly go for the gateau au caramel beurre salé.

Cocotte Hexagone

Momenteel geopend voor afhaal


My expectations are huge for this new place in town. Not yet open and planned for September as it says on their Instagram account. Hopefully, the place where we can nibble on some authentic crêpes (and galettes?), some pastry and hopefully a shop full of Breton products. I can’t wait!

Le Fournil & Gebroeders Niemeijer

Le fournil momenteel geopend voor afhaal & Gebroeders Niemeijer geopend voor bezorging


If you can’t survive for months without your freshly baked madeleines, financiers or caneles, these should be your dealers. Gebroeders Niemeijer situated in the centre of Amsterdam at the Korte Nieuwendijk (perfect for lunch too) and Le Fournil situated at the Stadionweg in South. The only 2 Boulanger’s baking French style. But do tell me if I missed one. And I’m not talking about baking off in the store. Freshly made every day in French style. You do taste la difference if you’d try!

Oh them French are so idle. And I do know I must have missed some French places in Amsterdam. So don’t get mad and just tell me where to go and I’ll be forever grateful to you.Because the more French hotspots this town will have, the easier it’ll make me to survive in between my trips to Vive La France.


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