5 Ways to Enjoy Villa Massa Limoncello (Who Knew?)

On my recent trip to Sorrento to visit Villa Massa, makers of quality Italian limoncello since 1880, I drank more limoncello in 48 hours than I’ve had in my entire life. Just ask the Lemon Squad—my fellow travellers Dish Tales, Manify, City Guys, and Grazia […]

Fresh flavors at PARK Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam

When I’m told to plant my dinner invitation after receiving it in the mail, I’m definitely intrigued. The invitation is now sprouting little green leaves, a perfect teaser of all things good, green and growing at PARK Cafe-Restaurant at the Hotel Arena in Oosterpark. Hotel Arena’s […]

Curtain Club Amsterdam | Cocktail season is open!

So it’s almost the end of April, and it’s freezing and hailing. When it feels like we’re stuck in a neverending winter, what are we supposed to do? You read my mind. Drink cocktails, of course! Put aside, for the moment, the cozy comfort of coffee or tea. There’s nothing […]

Brunch, Dinner & Cocktails at Los Feliz, Amsterdam

Give me a pop of color on a dull gray winter day, and I’m happy. Combine it with Sunday brunch, Mexican flavors, and great cocktails, and I’m the happiest girl on the block. That’s exactly what I was last weekend, when I discovered brunch at Los Feliz. Brunch […]

Let’s Cocktail | Winter nights with Baileys

Geen 18? Geen alcohol! “Do you like Baileys?” said the text from Eliane. Do I like Baileys?! I can’t imagine a world where anyone doesn’t like Baileys. But apparently, my blog partner in crime and I disagree on this one. So I happily agreed to […]

5and33 | Brunch & Drinks | Amsterdam

I’m a massive fan of brunch. Some weekends life revolves around brunch: making plans with friends, hunting down new places to try, or simply rolling out of bed and heading to a tried-and-trusted favorite for a good, comforting brunch. When I moved to Amsterdam five years ago, […]