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10 Perfect (Instagram-proof) hotspots in Rotterdam

After following my heart from Australia to Holland in 2013, I set up home in one of the prettiest parts of Rotterdam with my Dutchman and adopted pup, Ringo. Last update: June 2019! 10 Perfect hotspots for spending the day in Rotterdam. I’m a baker, […]


A perfect getaway in Twente with Food Bandits | Guest blog

My name is Suus and together with my husband Johann and our dachshund Moos, we have created Food Bandits. We began this blog about five years ago, and although we started out with sugary sweet donuts and fudge, our recipes are now primarily allergy free. […]


GUEST BLOG: 10 Pretty plant shops around the world

GUEST BLOG: by Judith from Urban Jungle Blog Creating a list of my favorite plant shops around the world is like picking your favorite dish. It’s nearly impossible, at least for me as a true plant lover. But there are some plant shops that never disappoint, […]


GUEST BLOG: The 10 most Instagram worthy buildings in Amsterdam

We asked Instagrammer Andreas Lambrinos to share some of the most Instagram worthy buildings in Amsterdam. Guest Blog by Andreas Lambrinos @architect_in_amsterdam As an architect I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration, and the city of Amsterdam is the perfect playground. I find contemporary […]


The best coffee spots in Hamburg

Guest blog by Rike from Hamburg Hi, I am Rike you can also find me @kaffeemitfreunden , a coffee, food and travel blogger from Hamburg, Germany. I love Hamburg and I love coffee, so I’m happy to share my favourite and the best coffee spots in Hamburg with […]