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Paris is always a good idea for a city trip. And if you ask me, Autumn is the best season to stroll through this ever so beautiful city. In every street you can find shops, coffee bars and restaurants. When I come back, I’m always planning the next trip to Paris. In the meanwhile, these are some of my favourite shops in Paris.

Merci Paris

111, Boulevard Beaumarchais (Marais)

Merci Paris is by far the most known store in Paris. The red car must be the most photographed car ever on Instagram. Just check the geotag and this is what you’ll find! An amazing concept store in Le Marais where you can have some proper lunch as well. There’s hardly anything you won’t be able to find in Merci. They sell furniture, clothing, kitchen supplies, kids stuff, design items and many many other things. They have a lunchroom and a used bookstore where you can sit back and enjoy some coffee. The profits are partially donated to the good cause, so let’s start shopping!


merci-paris-boven merci-paris-brillen merci-paris-detail merci-paris-gehaakte-vaas merci-paris-xmas merci-paris-potloden merci-paris-ohmy merci-paris-kersttape


5, Boulevard des filles du Cavalaire (Marais)

Do you have or know any sweet kids? Head over to Bonton, an awesome store filled with anything kid-related. Clothing, accessories, furniture, toys and so much more to keep them little ones happy. Be warned, this store has 3 floors!



Claire Naa Paris

45, Rue du Turenne (Marais)

Spontaneous discoveries are the best. While walking this street I was drawn inside because of the window display. A small boutique representing 3 jewellery brands. I especially loved the one using braille. Clean and simple pendants, origami designs, truly talented designers.

claire-naa-paris-jewellery-interieur claire-naa-paris-jewellery-origami claire-naa-paris-jewellery claire-naa-paris-jewellery1 claire-naa-paris-jewellery2

You know, actually you don’t need tips for Paris. Walking around in any season will give you the best photos possible. Make sure to use your geotag while posting, that way you can always find that specific store. And sharing is caring.

Where to go for dinner in Paris?

Hotel du Nord, delicious French bistro food.

Le Richer, no reservations possible at this place, so make sure to be there at 19.00 hts, epic food!


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