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When I was on a citytrip travelling to Lisbon (check some of my Instagram photos) I realised you actually don’t need a list of where to go. In every single neighbourhood you can find some special spots easily yourself. But just in case you do want a list of nice hotspots, I’ll lead you in the right direction. Where to eat and drink in Lisbon?

LX Factory

LX Factory, situated a bit out of the city centre towards Bélem, so these 2 make a perfect combination. This old factory is filled with restaurants, bars and shops. Just go see for yourself what you like most, I loved the scenery there and the amazing vibe. What a place.


Pastéis de Bélem

The sweet treat of Portugal. I think you can buy one on every corner in Lisbon. But if you want the best of the best, get yourself in a cute tram towards Bélem. Don’t let the row in front of the store put you down. I took me less then 5 minutes to get my hands on the still warm pastéis. They cost practically nothing so why not order 5 at once?


Rooftop Bar

Casa do Mercado

Besides the fact that it’s a cute bed & breakfast, you can eat on some perfect organic burgers at casa do mercado. They also have organic wine, feel free to ask for it.


Time Out Market Lisbon

Just around the corner of the Casa Mercado you can find the Time Out Market Lisbon. The food market in town. And not just filled with any kind of stalls. You can find stalls by the biggest and most famous restaurants in town. Ice-cream from Santini, fish by Seame and many many more. It’s open all day long, so if you have some cravings, make sure not to miss it. The perfect way to discover some local foods. In the back you can find a shop with lots of local products in case you’re on the hunt for taking home the best

Le Chat

When I was on my way to Belém I stopped here to have some lunch. With the perfect view over the water, a really nice ambiance, some good music and home made icetea. A lot of locals come here during their working days to have lunch. So a lot of suits, but that didn’t influence the view, the perfect sun and the really nice food.



Travelling with a large group or with the family? I ran into POPOLO on my first day in Lisbon. A large pizzeria/hamburger restaurant where theres enough space for bigger groups. I had an amazing pizza with a Snappy gingerale, great and fast service in a nice area.


Any tips for me next time I’m visiting Lisbon? Leave them in the comments below!


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