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Do you share that mutual interest in anything that’s for sale in foreign supermarkets? I have this thing with the French Supermarché. My holiday starts that very moment I walk into a Super U, Hypermarché, Carrefour, L’Eclerc or Intermarché. Browsing trough the isles in search of that “je ne sais quoi”? But what to buy and what not at the French Supermarket?

So here are the things you should buy at the French Supermarket!

Le Petit Marseillais

The smell of holiday ever since I was a child. Then I used to prefer the classic scent “Lait”, but during the years I moved over to the delicious smell of “Verveine & Citron”. At least 4 of these bottles will leave the country with me.what-to-buy-french-supermarket-petit-marseillais


Something Beurre Salée

I have a serious addiction to anything beurre salée. If it’s not ice cream, caramels, cookies filled with, than at least buy yourself some coulis to take home with you and pour it on pancakes, waffles or any kind of dessert to create a little holiday moment when being back at home.what-to-buy-french-supermarket-beurre-salé


Dealing with liquorice cravings during your holidays, this is a kind of a “wiebertje” and perfect for having it lay around in the car at anytime. And I have a small crush on the packaging.what-to-buy-french-supermarket-cachou

Le Petit Brun

Probably the cheapest biscuit in town, but it tastes so good after a long beach day or a dive in the swimming pool. And it also might have to do a little with the fact my daughters name is Brune?


Marshmallow filled koala beers

Very popular with the little ones. They look cute and taste sweet, what more could you wish for? things-to-buy-french-supermarket-marshmallow-koala

And let’s not forget Petit Bateau onesies, Carambar, Foie Gras (lot’s of it), Confit de Canard and Petit Suisse.


What are the things you buy at the French Supermarket?


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